Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Liberals & Westboro Baptists

I have been thinking about the events over the last week and the more I think about it, the angrier I become. Basically what happened is that people got shot and killed by a lunatic and the very first thing that happened is that the political left decided to use that event for political gain. A nine year old girl was murdered and all the liberals could think about that was as a vehicle to attack the Tea Party Movement, Fox News and Sarah Palin. What this tells me is that the American political left is complete bereft of compassion and discernment.

The Westboro Baptist Church, a group of vile opportunistic religious fanatics, has decided to protest at the funeral of the little girl killed in the shooting in Tucson. They too are bereft of compassion and discernment. The Hells Angels motorcycle club has decided to stand between these subhuman cultists and the family of the little girl. The Hells Angels are the good guys on this day. They are not known for their restrained rhetoric.

I put the liberals who are using this little girl’s death for political gain in the same category as the Westboro Baptists. I cannot think of a significant difference. Both have their own agenda, both believe that agenda comes before the feelings and well being of others, and both are exploiting this death for their own gain. Both will fail in their goals.

The Westboro Baptists demand that the nation repent for our sins and they claim that any evil that befalls our soldiers, citizens and now this little girl is the result of God’s retribution. The Liberals demand that the nation using the power of the state to silence and disarm those with whom they disagree. Both will go to any extreme to impose their warped sense of justice on the people. Both hope that Americans will lash out so they can point their fingers and claim to be the victims. It is how the Westboro Baptists get money and how the liberals get power.

Both of these groups are liars. The Westboro Baptists tell us that God kills our finest young men in battle because He hates homosexuals. Such a belief is absurd. It merely tells me that the God of the Westboro Baptists is very small and insignificant. The Liberals tell us that the lunatic in Arizona shot all those people because the Republicans told him it was okay by way of common political campaign rhetoric. I don’t believe either group believes what they are saying. They are simply saying it for personal political or monetary gain. It is evident that they have no shame or conscience. They only have a sense of “them versus us.” Both sides of the political spectrum look at the Westboro Baptists and see them for what they are, but the political left is looking at a reflection of what they have become.

I have zero respect for either group at this point. I call on both to repent. Not in a religious sense, as I have no dog in that hunt…but in a human sense. I call on them to embrace decency and to try and develop some sense of scale in the things they claim to believe in. One of the favorite things for the political left to do is claim that opposition to them as expressed by conservatives is “hate speech.” It is like a mantra repeated without example on a daily basis.

Political opposition is not hate. Opposing nationalized healthcare is not hate. Opposing the unbridled growth of government is not hate. Being in favor of the 2nd, 9th and 10th amendments as well as the 1st and 4th is not hate. Loving the Constitution is not hate.

Love of country is not hate. Wanting to keep the fruits of one’s labor is not hate. Wanting the policies of the President to fail is not hate. Wanting public unions to be outlawed is not hate. Admiring the wisdom of the Founding Fathers is not hate. All the things labeled as “hate” for political expedience is not hate and the liberal’s labeling it as such doesn’t make it so.

How I feel about their exploitation of these events in Tucson….that is hate.


  1. C'mon Phil, the Westboro Baptists are fools. But do not start lumping all liberal people into some generic category because that just makes you another idiot.
    You seem like a smart guy, please do not fall into that trap of sounding like a Rush,or Sean Hannity or even a Chris Matthews. I listen to a lot of talk radio, and all sides are political con men manipulating the people for their sides gain. One time in the car when Michael Savage started saying all liberals hate the military my twelve year old said what an idiot, that is like saying all black people like fried chicken! At least the next generation gets it. Keep writing it is good for the soul - Steve

  2. Those liberals like Krugman who took less than two hours to use the deaths of those people to make political points are exactly like the Westboro people. If liberals don't want to be lumped with the jackasses who speak for them, they should get new leaders...until then...they have exactly the same level of respect from me as the crazies at the funerals....perhaps less.

  3. Like Forrest says "Stupid is as stupid does". People are trying to distance themselves from their hateful rhetoric, liberals as well as conservatives but in the end good political discourse needs to be about issues not sound bites. I still can't hate all liberals, it just sounds foolish.