Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Think about what we are witnessing. We have a President of a political party and not a President of the United States. We have a leadership in Washington whose single minded reason for existence is to remain in office even at the expense of losing the Republic. We have a plurality of the American people who vote for a living. We are approach a 50/50 citizenship split that pay’s income taxes and doesn’t pay income taxes and the population of the President’s party is actively seeking to import the majority through circumvention of our immigration laws. We have the only country in the world where the majority of the people no longer believe we are entitled to have borders. We are the only country in the world where the word “citizen” has been rendered moot.

Today…this very day, we have an armed force of “Park Rangers” assigned to keep the American people off of the Federal Government’s land in a country founded on the premise that the people are the government. We have an armed force in our national capitol using dogs to prevent combat veterans of our wars from walking past an outdoor memorial to their and their compatriot’s sacrifices to the country. We have armed guards and barricades around the memorial to World War II where the last of this great generation is visiting for perhaps the last time before they pass from this Earth.

We have a President who makes phone calls to the Speaker of the House of Representatives to tell him that he isn’t going to negotiate then holds a news conference where a press, once the watchdog of democracy, will salivate on his every word as he once again tells of his willingness to negotiate with anyone ….except his fellow Americans. We have a Congress that hasn’t passed a real budget in violation of the Constitution for 5 years….or since the President of the Democrats took office. We have unquestioned obedience by the servants of this country to this man whose only purpose seems to be making certain that our economy doesn’t recover. We have the worst education system in the western world and we demand that our unionized teachers keep our kids too dumbed down to recognize their peril.

We are slavishly demanding that a law passed by one political party remain untouched (unless by the President) even though the people who voted for it didn’t read it and still don’t know the consequences of its implementation. It is called the Accordable Care Act, as if the name had anything to do with the actuality. The computer system that runs it doesn’t work and it has designed in it a requirement for the people to purchase a commercial product that they may not want. Never in the history of this country has that been a law. Those who can find zero faults in the President of the Democrats are willing to harm their own families rather than suggest this man could be wrong.

The President of the Democrats is now suggesting that any refusal to unconditionally raise the debt ceiling that has already driven our national debt to $17 Trillion is tantamount to defaulting on the country’s credit. It is no such thing but the press cannot report that. They are no longer independent of the government. They are the mouthpiece for the government. The government has determined that it is all powerful and will abide no reduction in its scope or power. A Constitutional Republic can only function if the leaders elected agree to the limits placed on them by law and by the people.

The Republic of the United States is dead. There is no coming back from where we are. We will have to pass through to become something else. It will be easier to rebuild what once was than repair what has been so damaged. Those of you who still believe in a constitutional limitation of federal power are now left with a choice. You can become a footnote to a future history written about what was once the United States or you can lend your life, fortunes and sacred honor to a very old list of patriots.