Monday, December 28, 2009

More naughty than nice on this list

Well, it is Christmas week and I am making my own list of who’s been naughty and who has been nice and checking it twice. Ben Nelson, senior Senator from Nebraska has made the naughty list. As a matter of fact, he sits atop the list in a category all his own. This is the man who made it possible for the Democrats to end debate on the mostly secret Harry Reid/Barrack Obama Healthcare Bill. Like cockroaches, Democrats in Washington prefer to hide their activities from the glare of light so they scheduled the vote for 1AM Monday morning. In this particular instance, they also picked a time when the capital was covered in snow.

Ben Nelson had been the last best hope for preventing the government from taking over healthcare. His failure as a servant of the people is setting this country on the road to having the same caliber of people who run the Post Office schedule your brain surgery. Unfortunately, Ben didn’t turn out to be a statesman, just another Washington huckster, for sale to the highest bidder. So Nebraska gets Medicaid payments forever and the rest of the country gets to pick up the tab, so much for equal protection under the law. In addition, we all get Obama care and the slow erosion of what is the best medical care in the world. Where will the Canadians go for heart surgery once our system is as bad as theirs?

The Democrat leadership goes on television every day and complains that the Republicans won’t participate in the design of this important legislation all the while they lock themselves in Harry Reid’s office and hammer out the details. The final bill was released Saturday morning and debate was ended in the middle of the night Sunday; so no real debate took place on the final law. The old Soviet Politburo would have been jealous of the Democrats on this one. They are now saying that the final vote will be held on Christmas Eve ensuring you will be properly distracted as they slide this 2000 page monstrosity one more step closer to law. They don’t want us mere peasants watching what they do because the more we know about it, the fewer of us support it.

There are no heroes here, no champions of the people. Those senators who held out did so because they knew they would be paid off. They were not disappointed. The Congress, which has spent trillions of borrowed money over the past year, is adding another $2.5 Trillion in spending all the while insisting that this is deficit neutral. They tell us that they will cut Medicare by $500 Billion dollars without affecting services. But I would point out that there has never been a cut in Medicare or any other entitlement. Entitlements like taxes are forever. We are being lied to on a massive scale and the news media, that 4th Estate whose job it is to tell us when the government is out of line, is simply a cheerleader for those who are stealing our future and the futures of our grandchildren in the dead of night.

This isn’t the United States I grew up in. I am shocked at how quickly we have become something other than what our founders meant us to be. Those holding power in Washington are not on the side of the people. They have determined that they know better than us. We along with the Constitution of the United States are simply obstacles in the way of their agenda and hence dispensable. We cannot give up. We cannot allow this to stand. We can vote those who are dismantling the country we love out of office. I just hope November 2010 won’t be too late.

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